Sale - 4 Bedrooms

Do you like comfort? Tranquility? Quality of life?

Imagine all of this in one place. It can be yours.



​4 berooms with 2 suites. 

Size: 120 m². Under construction.

​Financing: 60 months.

Privileged location, only 150 m away from the most famous beaches of Enseada Azul, Peracanga and Bacutia. 4 bedroom apartments with 2 suites, high standard of finish, all units in the morning sun with excellent ventilation and lighting. We are a family owned and operated business.


Rooftop leisure with swimming pool, sauna, barbecue and wonderful views.



4 bedrooms.

Size: 180 m².

Apartment 4 bedrooms with 2 being suites, facing the Peracanga Beach.

All granite flooring.


Sea view from every room!

Condominium with steam room, swimming pool and game room.




​4 suite bedrooms.

Size: 165 m². Under construction.

​Financing: 40 months.

The privilege of living at Praia de Bacutia, on the most charming beach in Guarapari / ES.


Full of elegance, comfort, sophistication and complete leisure area on the roof.


Res. Praia do Espelho is perfect for you and your family. Complete leisure on the roof with spectacular views. Just 100 meters from the beach.



4 suite badrooms.

Size:  196 m². Under construction.

Financing: 60 months.


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Live facing the sea with a complete leisure area.

Totally exclusive, just one apartment per floor in front of Peracanga Beach.


Leisure area facing the sea.

Apartments with 3 or 4 parking spaces.


High standard of finish, exclusivity, comfort and style.



​4  suites bedrooms.

Size: 196 m².

Ready to move in and live in the paradise.


Sleep with the sound of the sea and wake up to a breathtaking view!

Overlooking the most famous beach in the state,

The Bacutia Beach.

Apartment 4 suites with premium finishing.

Furnished with the very best and most modern.

Heated play area. Sauna, heated pool, barbecue, party room and gym.

4 parking spaces.

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