Sale - 2 Bedrooms

Do you like comfort? Tranquility? Quality of life?

Imagine all of this in one place. It can be yours.



2 bedrooms

Size: 80 m². 3 parking spaces.

Here you enjoy all the comfort of a stunning leisure area on the top floor in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 parking spaces. You will have space for the whole family.


2 bedroom apartment, 1 suite, social bathroom, living room for 2 environments integrated to the gourmet balcony, kitchen with bench, service area. 


Finishing to a high standard. Fully sunny in the morning, well ventilated and lit.



2 bedrooms

Size: 68 m².

Experience the tranquility of the blue waters on the most popular sands of Bacutia Beach!

Live very close, less than 50 m from the sea.

2 bedroom apartment with suite, living room for 2 environments, open concept kitchen, gourmet balcony with barbecue. 1 parking space. 


Leisure area with sauna, swimming pool, gourmet space and multipurpose lounge.


2 bedrooms.

size:  76 m².

Financing: 72 months.

Live with maximum comfort just a few steps from Bacutia. The opportunity that you have been waiting for has arrived. 2 bedroom apartments with suite, gourmet balcony, fine workmanship and 1 parking space.


Rooftop leisure with everything you are entitled to. Sauna integrated to the pool, swimming pool with deck, terrace, fitness space, gourmet space, kids space, barbecue and party room.



​2 bedrooms. 

Size: 64 m².

Its deserved place in the sun!

Just 2 blocks from the main beaches of Enseada Azul.

Apartment designed to optimize your comfort and well-being! High standard of finishing!

2 bedrooms, 1 suite bedroom with private balcony, dining and living room, kitchen and loundry room. 2 parking spaces.

Recreation area with pool, sauna, barbecue and gourmet.


​2 Bedrooms. 

Size: 95 m².


Less than 100m from Bacutia Beach and close to Anchieta and Guarapari.
2 bedrooms, 1 suite, 1 bathroom, living and dining room, kitchen, laundry area and balcony.

Spacious side private area.
2 parking spaces.


​2 Bedrooms. 

Size: 72 m².

A Beach just for your!
100m away from Bacutia Beach and close to Anchieta and Guarapari.  Easy access to everything you need.

2 bedrooms, 1 suite, 1 bathroom, living and dining room, kitchen, laundry area and balcony.
1 car garage.

Condominium with 24 hour doorman and recreation area.


​2 Bedrooms.

Size: 75 m².

Gated community of houses within 100m of Bacutia Beach.

2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living and dining room, kitchen, laundry area and balcony.

1 car garage.

24 hour doorman.

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